Off-page SEO

Convince search engines with off-page SEO

Today, a prerequisite of business success is good online visibility of your offer, which will enable you to reach potential clients on their customer journey. As most website, blog and webshop visits start with a search engine, a high ranking by Google and other search engines is essential for success. By high ranking we mean appearing among the top results in organic searches. To achieve this, a website must be optimised through SEO measures, which are part of search engine marketing.

All measures of search engine optimisation undertaken on the website itself fall into the category of on-page SEO. Off-page SEO is equally important, although a broader concept and a more complex job. It includes link building, a complex and often time consuming task.

How we proceed with
off-page SEO

We will explain to you what you will need to do to get a good link structure and reliable links.  In order for your website to appear on top in search machines’ organic search, an efficient search engine optimisation is required. We will start with analysing your link profile and examining the popularity of your links. Thanks to our wide-ranging partner network we connect you with potential link providers if required. At the same time  we will also look at whether your website contains any links that do more harm than good. We will provide you with an organic and active link structure that will improve your search rankings permanently.

A competent and friendly full-service agency based in Berlin, we will provide you with advice in the field of off-page SEO. Feel free to come along to a non-binding consultation at our office. If you commission us to optimise your website, we will start with a thorough site analysis, then develop a tailored concept of improving your visibility on the web. We will provide you with a strategy and all the necessary steps.

Mit Offpage SEO starten.

Strategies for link building

Off-page SEO is about links to other websites. These incoming links are called backlinks. Search engines interpret these backlinks as a reference to your website.This, of course, assumes that the owner of the link has a quality website which is kept up-to-date. The more attractive the backlinks, the more reliable your own website is considered. But how do we go about such link building in off-page SEO, and what are the main points to be taken into consideration?

With regards incoming links, quality ranks much higher than quantity. If you have three backlinks from popular, established and reliable websites, you are much better off than by having ten links from insignificant websites. If one of these three websites is a widely known medium such as, you are basically sorted. 

At the same time we need to treat link building as a long-term task. If you try to generate a lot of links in a short time, search engines will become wary and assume an attempt for  manipulation. This may negatively affect your site’s ranking in search results. We can provide you with expert advice on how to proceed in the best way.

Backlinks gehören zu Offpage SEO.

How to find reliable
link providers

What are the main requirements to get quality links to websites that are relevant to your products or services?

First thing to do is set external links on your own websites. Ensure you give these links meaningful names – do not highlight them with vague sounding words such as ‘more’. Instead, explain to the user precisely what to expect under this link. This is not only favoured by visitors of your site but also makes other sites aware of what you are offering.  Do not overdo link building – take it slowly and stay authentic.

Just as social media bans buying fans, you should refuse dubious offers to buy links. Google and other search engines know link exchange programmes and identify them easily. If suspected of link manipulation, a website will be penalised with worse rankings in search results.